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Forehead Wrinkles (Frown Lines) Correction

Excessive frowning can result in permanent frown lines. After years of repeated muscle contraction, sun damage and aging, the frown lines can become permanently etched into the skin.

BOTOX® can be used to treat frown lines and prevent the muscles from contracting and deepening the lines. In order to treat already existing wrinkles, fillers can be used in combination with BOTOX®.


Frown Lines Treatment Vancouver


Frown Lines Treatment

Real photos by Dr. Pavlou, individual results may vary.

Corrective Treatments

The treatments below can be used in isolation or in combination to get ideal results.

Lip Injections Vancouver


A neuromodulator. BOTOX® temporarily relaxes specific muscles by blocking nerve impulses. Relaxation of the treated muscles cause wrinkles and lines to diminish and even disappear.


Procedure Time : 5-10 minutes
Recovery Time : none
Pain Level : none to mild
Anesthesia : topical numbing cream & ice
Permanence : 3-5 months
Results : 3-7 days
Juvederm Vancouver


Fillers can be used to restore volume to areas of the face like cheeks, temples, folds and nose (nasolabial folds), add volume to thinning lips, enhance chin and cosmetically correct the nose and even the hands.


Procedure Time: 30-40 minutes
Recovery Time: none
Pain Level: none to mild
Anesthesia: topical numbing cream and ice
Permanence: months to years depending on product used