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Forehead Lines

Over time, brow-raising and frowning can result in permanent forehead lines. After years of repeated muscle contraction, sun damage and aging, forehead lines can become permanently etched into the skin.

BOTOX® can be used to treat forehead lines and prevent the muscles from contracting and deepening the lines.

Forehead Lines photo 1
Forehead Lines photo 2
Forehead Lines photo 3

Real photos by Dr. Pavlou, individual results may vary.

Corrective Treatments

The treatment below can be used to get ideal results.

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A neuromodulator. BOTOX® temporarily relaxes specific muscles by blocking nerve impulses. Relaxation of the treated muscles cause wrinkles and lines to diminish and even disappear.


Procedure Time : 5-10 minutes
Recovery Time : none
Pain Level : none to mild
Anesthesia : topical numbing cream & ice
Permanence : 3-5 months
Results : 3-7 days