neck & jawline

Facial Slimming


Facial slimming is a popular non-surgical treatment used to achieve a slim and contoured jawline. During this treatment a few simple injections of BOTOX® is used as a relaxant for the jaw muscles. This helps thin the masseter muscles in the lateral jaw for a more feminine shape.


Botox Vancouver


Botox Vancouver

Real photos by Dr. Pavlou, individual results may vary.

Corrective Treatments

The treatments below can be used in isolation or in combination to get ideal results.

Lip Injections Vancouver


A neuromodulator. BOTOX® temporarily relaxes specific muscles by blocking nerve impulses. Relaxation of the treated muscles cause wrinkles and lines to diminish and even disappear.


Procedure Time : 5-10 minutes
Recovery Time : none
Discomfort Level : none to mild
Anesthesia : topical numbing cream & ice
Lasts : 3-5 months
Results : 3-7 days