When it comes to laser treatments it can often get very confusing for patients who know they would like a treatment but don’t know how to decide which laser based treatment would be best suited to them. The medical aesthetic industry is saturated with a multitude of different technologies with interesting names, all promising…


The Instagram Delusion

  We are incredibly lucky to be living in a time where social media can be used to help us develop and grow our businesses by placing us in front of an audience that we could never have hoped to reach just a few years ago through traditional and costly advertising. One video that I…


Man to Man

  In 2016 Americans spent more than $13.5 BILLION dollars towards cosmetic procedures. Even though only 10% of cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S last year were on male clients, the number of men partaking in cosmetic procedures has grown by 325% since 1997. I repeat. 325% As is evident in the mentioned statistics, the…



  In years gone by patients really only had one way of contacting a doctor’s office – the telephone. Now we receive emails, direct messages on Instagram, Facebook, comments on pictures on our social media platforms as well as phone calls (and text messages for people who mysteriously get my personal number).   One of…


Skin Changing Skin Care

  One of the biggest myths when it comes to skin care is that the most expensive creams in the shiniest jars will deliver the best results. There are moisturizers that cost over $300 with impressive sounding ingredients like caviar, diamonds, rare flowers and gold. The truth is that diamonds will look better on your…


Why Skin Technique?

  The experience of growing into the role of an Aesthetic Physician has been extremely rewarding and professionally satisfying to me. I could never have predicted that after 8 years of medical training in some of the busiest hospitals in South Africa that I would be focussing on Cosmetic Medicine.   I have been most…


Top medical aesthetic treatments Dr Pavlou

“It” treatments for 2018

2017 was a pivotal year for medical aesthetics as awareness of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures skyrocketed. Treatments that were once hush hush chatter amongst the wealthy elite are now everyday conversations.   I saw a dramatic rise in younger patients who are acting now to prevent rather than repair in the future. One of…


Facial Fillers Vancouver

The Magical Liquid Lift

We live in a world where a client comes in for a treatment on Tuesday and expects to take a stunning selfie by Friday night. This does not leave much time for a costly surgical procedure with significant bruising and swelling and time off work. The current pace is a fast one. The cosmetic consumer…


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