Top Holiday Treatments

  Tis the season to be merry, and look your best. We statistically attend more events and parties in the last quarter of the year than the rest of the year combined. Its the busiest time of year for most people, including cosmetic clinics. Everyone is in the mood to spruce things up – from…


acne treatments at skin technique in vancouver

ACNE busters

  Did you know that with 640 MILLION people affected by acne worldwide it is estimated to affect 9.4% of the global population, making it the eighth most prevalent disease in the world? What’s even more upsetting is that a FIFTH of acne sufferers have considered suicide. With disturbing statistics like these it is crucial…


The Top 5 FAQ’s

Understandably, I get asked A LOT of questions about treatments. Not only during the consultation, which is the most appropriate setting and time for these questions, but also at the gym, the grocery store, the carwash and on social media – not the most appropriate settings for these questions! There is a general theme to…


No Needle Treatments

  Even though I get immense satisfaction from creating beautiful lips, reshaping noses and relaxing deep wrinkles, I do understand that all of these transformations require the use of a needle. There is a large portion of the aesthetic consumer market that would like to try a treatment, but not necessarily have their faces injected.…


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